Four CNC lathe machines, CNC milling machine, CNC boring machine, and deep hole drilling machine are some of the capabilities that exist at E.I.CO. These equipment enable us precise machining of parts up to 80 Tons and diameter up to 2500 mm.


CNC lathe machines: 


Height of centers 1250mm, Distance between centers 12000mm, Workpiece weight 80 MT
Height of centers 1100mm, Distance between centers 6000mm, Workpiece weight 60 MT
Height of centers 265 mm, Distance between centers 2000mm
Height of centers 265 mm, Distance between centers 3000mm


CNC milling machine:
Positioning of the table lengthwise 5000 mm, Positioning of the table crosswise 2000mm, Positioning of the table vertically 1500mm, Mounting surface of the table 2000mm, Workpiece weight 54 MT
CNC boring machine:
Spindle diameter 160mm, Position. Horizontally 5000mm, Positioning vertically 3000mm, Spindle is capable to extend by max. 1800mm, Workpiece weight 80 MT
Deep Hole Drilling:
Distance between centers up to 10 m 
And many other heavy and light machining equipment: Distance between centers up to 12m, Height of centers of 1000 mm

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