The main functions of R&D department are as follows:

- Participate in the new product development process with emphasis on developing grades and processing.

- Provide engineering expertise in evaluating and identifying causes of quality problems originating from processing and handling operations.

- Evaluate data, conduct trials and recommend actions which eliminate causes of product non-conformance.

- Assist operations management in evaluating and modifying standard operating practices in relation to improved yield and product quality.

- Position will involve responsibility for managing either product or process quality for an assigned product line or operating.

- Lead trials for new products, establish mill qualifications and follow-through to customer production unit. - Significant coordination and work with cross-functional teams spanning operations, commercial, technical and quality groups.

- Track new part/product trials at customer location.

- Investigates sources of nonconforming materials. Initiates containment actions for potentially rejected materials.

- Develop and approve manufacturing/work processes and written instruction

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