The electro-slag remelting (ESR) process is used to remelt and refine various steels grades resulting in high-quality ingots.


The electro-slag remelting process (ESR) is important because it provides better control of the solidification microstructure and chemical homogeneity. It also enables greater cleanliness and better mechanical properties. The manufactured high-alloyed with a controlled chemical composition are used in aerospace, in thermal- and nuclear-power plants, in chemical engineering and special tools.


To prevent absorption of gas, ESR unit is equipped with a neutral gas injection system with argon and nitrogen.


Technical specification of EICO ESR ingots


The amount of oxygen in produced ingots is as follow:

  •  Low alloy steels (up to %0.25 carbon): 50 - 35 ppm


  •  Low alloy steels (between 0.25 and %0.5 carbon): 40 - 25 ppm - %13 chromium steel, %0.2 carbon: 60 - 40 ppm


  •  High alloy steel: 70 - 47 ppm


  •  The maximum deviations in chemical composition in the ingot: Ti: ± %0.05, Si: ± %0.03, Al: ± %0.01 - high level of compositional & elemental homogeneity and at the same time high purity product


  •  Annual Capacity: 6000 MT


  •  With three melting stations capable of producing ingots with 6000 mm length, 1200 mm diameter in central shaking mold. Also ingots with 2700 mm length, and 900 mm diameter can be produced in extra fixed molds.


  •  To prevent gas absorption the machine is equipped with a neutral gas injection system (Ar, N2)


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