Thanks to our advanced steel making facilities we are able to produce a variety of super clean steel grades with close control of composition. Steel production plant consists of several technological operations including charge preparation, melting, steel refining and casting. Steel making process takes place in one electric arc furnace with annual capacity of 180 thousand tons of steel followed by  ladle refining and VD process. The production of alloy steels require processes that can produce homogeneous, free from non-metallic impurities, with minimum amount of undesirable elements, such as sulfur, phosphorus, as well as the least amount of gas. For this purpose, the steel making plant is designed to produce high quality alloy steel grades . Molten material is either poured into cast iron molds (INGOTS) or into sand molds (CASTINGS). A considerable proportion of the ingot production of carbon, low and high alloyed tool & stainless steel with the highest claims for quality of material is intended for the Forge Shop. The steel works can produce bottom-poured ingots up to 100tons in weight poured in controlled Ar atmosphere. The raw materials for steel production include steel scrap, selected recyclable waste, sponge iron and alloying additions. Raw materials is first melted in an electric arc furnace and subsequently refined in the secondary metallurgy line (LF-VD-VOD).This method makes it possible to attain the following limits of impurities:


Phosphorus (P) Max. 0.005%
Sulphur (S) Max. 0.003%
Hydrogen (H2) Max. 1.0 ppm
Oxygen (O2) Max. 25 ppm
Nitrogen (N2) Max. 50 ppm


The micro-purity of steel is then evaluated via related standards such as DIN50602      and ASTM E45 and other standards according to costumer needs.    


Electric Arc Furnace (EAF )
EICO’s meltshop is equiped with 50 ton ultra high power  electric arc furnace with EBT system. this furnace is designed by DANIELI (Italy) and installed by INTECO (Austria) company.


steel making


This shop comprises secondary metallurgy units:

  • Ladle Furnance (LF)
  • Vacuum degassing (VD)
  • Vacuum oxygen Decarburization (VOD)
  • Vacuum carbon deoxidation (VCD)
  • Vacuum Stream Degassing (VSD)


ladle furnace (LF)

  • 50 tons capacity
  • desulfurization process S< 0.003
  • adjustement of alloying elements


ladle furance


VD (Vacuum degassing)

Vacuum oxygen Decarburization (VOD)

Vacuum carbon deoxidation (VCD)

Degassing (VSD)

1 - reduce/eliminate dissolved gases, especially hydrogen and nitrogen;

2 - reduce dissolved carbon (to improve ductility)

3 - to promote preferential oxidation of dissolved carbon (over chromium) when refining stainless steel grades.

4 - producing of heavy ingots with low gas level


Vacuum degassing | steel making



Ingot Casting Line

Casting of ingots weighting up to 80 MT (up 110 MT capacity is underway). Argon protection (Argon shield) is applied during pouring.


Ingot Casting | alloy steel



Heavy casting parts

EICO is capable to produce heavy casting parts up to 120 tons for a wide variety of alloy steel and cast irons.


steel heavy casting