Open die press

This unit has a 63MN open die hydraulic press with manipulator of 80tons capacity. The height of stroke can be up to 3.2 m and the maximum distance between the columns is 3.2 m. The maximum length of the piece to be forged is about 18000mm.


Open die press | steel forging


Open die forging is an important technique for many types of manufacturing. It allows rough and finishing shaping of metal, most commonly steel and steel alloys

  •  Advantages of Open-Die Forging:
  • Reduced chance of voids
  • Better fatigue resistance
  • Improved microstructure  
  • Continuous grain flow
  • Finer grain size                                                                                                                     
  • Greater strength


We have developed the knowledge to compile helpful resources and information about forging for our customers. Whether you seek to learn more about the process, are looking for smart ways to save money in your manufacturing, or ways to increase the durability or life of your product, review these helpful resources or reach out to one of our sales experts.


steel making | forging shop


What you gain when you select our forgings

  •  Stronger parts than those produced by other metalworking processes due to the elimination of   porosity, contoured grain flow, and fine grain size


  •  Near net shape parts with less material waste and cost for low quantity orders


  •  Efficient production methods utilizing in-house tooling


  •  Multi-component fabrications can be combined into single piece forgings, resulting in reduced process time


  • The technical expertise of our sales staff, metallurgists, and forging engineers to help discover ways that reduce costs and improve lead times Product Specifications



Product Specification

Press Shop Capabilities
Weight (MT) Length (mm) Dimension Product
Max 80 L=1500-18000 500-2000 Round, Square and Flat Bars
Max 80 L=3000-8000 D=400-1600 Hot and Cold Milling Rolls
Max 30 L=MAX 6000 OD=600-2500 Cylinders, Bushes
Max 30 L=MAX 6000 OD=600-2500 Cylinders, Bushes
Max 50 H=600-2500 OD=650-4000 OD=650-4000
Max 50 H=250-550 D=1500-3000 Discs
Max 60 L=MAX 208 A=300-1500 B=160-800 Mold Blocks

Dimensions can be changed according to customers’ need



GFM Radial forging machines


radial forging machine | esfarayen steel


The GFM rotary forging technique provides superior precision than conventional hot forging techniques, which in turn decreases machining allowances and costs. The GFM machines are employed for working on ingots and to make long bars of different cross sections such as round, square or rectangular cross sections and tapered or stepped shafts. The automated system and software offers great flexibility and simplicity of use. Extensive knowledge of the process in view of recrystallization and grain refinement as well as strain, stress and temperature distribution at each forging stroke have been taken into account. EICO has five radial forging machines (GFM-Austria) which enables it to forge different types and grades of steels. Four radial forging machines (SXP -65 SXP -25 SXP -13 SXP 10) and one SHP 06 radial forging machine are available at E.I.CO.


radial forging


radial forging machines