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The history of company

studing of economic council resolution about country’s industries from the viewpoint of independence of initial steel parts needs manifests.

Production plan of steel parts in central state and Isfahan , Yazd  and horasan states under the first plan of economic development has been approved by the Islamic republic of Iran’s assembly .

The plan of steel parts production in Khorasan state which called foundry and heavy parts forging for alloy steel needs by available industries and industrial design started in 1989 near toos power industry in Mashad city ,meanwhile in 1989 after approving of economy council the place changed from  mashhad city to Esfarayen though .

 According to this appprovment   executive operation in the area of 1250 hectare in Esfarayen 10 th KM between esfarayen to bojnoord has been started and synchronized with that supply of skilled manpower has  been started  in esfarayen  education center.

This center now called  Technical and  engineering callage which works under coverage of science ministry .

In 1990 the Esfarayen industrial complex (Eico ) was  registered and the exploitation of the first phase started .

Now Esfarayen industrial complex ( EICO)  after completion  of all three Phases plan ,  is  one of the most  important  suppliers of Iron , Mechanical , Oil & Gas , Naval , Rail way , Mine , Power industrial parts.


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