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 The History of Company

The main History of Industrial Complex of Esfarayen dates back to before the Islamic Revolution of Iran. Studies by consultants during that period and Economic Council resolutions in first half of the fifties indicated the need to create National industries, especially manufacturing industries which produce Industrial machinery, in order to develop industrial circumstance of the country and to decrease the level of dependence to foreign industries. In line with country’s objective and based on Foreign and domestic expert studies, industrial organizations were established to improve organizational development.

Among the institutions founded on this basic idea was "Esfarayen Industrial Foundation" which based on agreements with Plan and Budget Organization in 1975 was supposed  to  establish Industries such as melting (Steel, cast iron and nonferrous alloys), melting and ingot, forging (open and close mould),Machining, heat treatment and finishing products In a region adjacent to Esfarayen railway station building. Finally, heavy machinery  factory building under the name of “Esfarayen great Industrial Foundation”was constructed with Soviet countries collaboration and support.

Because this project requires great funds in foreign currency, it was supposed that the budget will be supplied by selling natural gas to the Soviet in a long-term. But the plan changed because ofthe recession during the Islamic Revolution and was suspended.

Continuance of the implementation of mentioned project did not happen after the Revolution for some reasons. But because of the studies done by the experts, the project was revised and followed. A new policy was determined and the early project which was focused on manufacturing heavy machinery changed to smaller projects according to the needs of every region of the country. One of these small projects was “Kerman Machinery Manufacturing” for mining machinery and equipment manufacturing which it’s technical and economic studies were assigned to a consultant in 1982.Following this procedure, 37 representatives of Khorasan requested from the Prime Minister for development and implementation of the Esfarayen projects in 1988 which coincided with the beginning of the first five-year plan. Meanwhile, the need for the production of heavy industrial components as well as the need for the country’s development in heavy industries caused the critical role of the establishment of heavy industries such as Casting and Forging Industry In the development of heavy industries becomes obvious. With universalizing the previous schemes, the new scheme which was entitled “Casting and Heavy Parts Forging Factory establishment Plan "was proposed. After technical and economic review of the mentioned scheme by all authorities it was approved and the subject was mentioned by the president of Islamic consultative parliament in Industrial Cooperation Protocol between Iran and Soviet Union for the second time in 1989. But due to the failure of the project within the framework due to the collapse of Soviet Union, the implementation of the plan continued with the cooperation of other countries which supply machinery with the credit amounts to 51 billion Riyals ($ 300 million plus 30 billion riyals) in 1990. According to the Economic Council resolution, dated 31/dec./1990, the implementation location of Esfarayen was determined and on 21/dec./1991 with the efforts of the executives the implementing operation plans of Training Center (the Center's current steel) began within Esfarayen and industrial construction established at the factory site in 10th Km of road Esfarayen - Bojnourd. Following the start of the construction, Esfarayen Industrial Complex Enterprises was registered on 10/Marche/1992 with the following specifications:

Registration No. 89046

Registration date:  10/Marche/1992

Operation date: 14/October/1998

Operation Number 31787

  Current status

Regarding the aims of heavy components casting and forging factory establishment project, there are various manufacturing and ancillary sectors in original design such as melting and casting (steel, cast iron and Nonferrous alloys), melting and ingot, forging (open and closed cast), machining, heat treatment and finishing products. But In the next revisions, regarding Management and Planning Organization’s opinion, the entire project reduced to radial forging, heavy pressing, melting and casting, machining and heat treatment.

Radial Forging Workshop

 This workshop is designed to supply particular products with high quality and mechanical properties. An important advantage of radial forging process is the ability to work in low tolerances and therefore is more efficient In the case of Particular steels and super alloys.

The main equipment of this workshop is:

- Radial Forging Machine SXP-65, the maximum diameter of the client: 650 mm, made in GFM construction companies, Austria

- Radial Forging Machine SXP-25, the maximum diameter of the client: 250 mm, made in GFM construction companies, Austria

- Radial Forging Machine SXP-13, the maximum diameter of the client: 130 mm, made in GFM construction companies, Austria

- 5 units of Forging & Forming furnace

- 5 units of heat treatment furnace

- Transport equipment for heavy and light workshop

- Quality Control Equipment

This place has officially started its operation in 1998.

Heavy-Presses Workshop
forging operation on large sections of steel requires high technology. In sections with a diameter more than mm 700 due to high weight and strength, forging and altering the form of ingots requires a lot of power Therefore in order to create self-sufficiency in the production of large forged sections in the country, the installation of a hydraulic press with 6300ton capacity and other necessary equipment such as heat treatment equipment has been design and implemented in heavy-press workshop of this complex.

The main equipment of this Workshop is:
- Hydraulic presses with 6300 tons of power
- 80 tons Manipulator
- 5 units of
Forging & Forming furnace
- 5units of heat treatment furnace
- Light and heavy workshop transport equipment
- Quality Control Equipment
This place has officially started its operation in 2004.

Melting and Casting Workshop
production of alloy steel requires a process that results in a homogeneous alloy, clean from the presence of non-metallic wastes, and with the least amount of unwanted elements such as sulfur, phosphorus, and gas production. Therefore the melting and casting workshop of the complex has been implemented for preparing high-quality alloy steel bars including the processes of melting, secondary metallurgy, and ingot casting.

The main equipment and machines of workshop are:
- Electric arc melting furnace(EAF) with a capacity of 50 tons
- Ladle furnace(LF)
- Gas and carbon debugging system in vacuum(VD / VOD),With a capacity of 50tons
- Current Gas debugging system in vacuum(VSD) with a capacity of 80 tons
- Full dust control system
- The oxygen and industrial gases production unit
- Light and heavy workshop transport equipment
- Scrap preparation equipment
- Quality Control Equipment
This unit has started operation since 2004.

Manufacturing capacity and capabilities
Esfarayen industrial complex, as the largest producer of forged alloy steels sections in Iran, has the capabilities to supply the country needs for many fundamental parts indifferent industries.

Production abilities of these complexes can be summarized as follows:
- The central parts with different shapes :rectangular, hexagonal,
Octagonal,round, flat and Hybrid forms and stepped axis

- all semi-functional parts
- Gears, forging dies, rings, drilling pipe, thick lenses light and heavy rolls, discs, flanges, pipe systems planning dies high pressure seamless pipes, power station parts such as axis turbines and etc.

This complex’s generatorshave annual production capacity of 81.000 tons fromall types of these products.

 The future prospect
in order to reach their predetermined goals and enter global markets and create thepossibility tocompete with powerful foreign competitors, this complex and other country’s alloy steel producers should have theability toproduce products with high added value and global quality standards. To achieve this goal,this Complex has also put different plans in it sagenda including:


- Completion of existing projects and workshops, including installation  of devices such asrim straitening, deplating,andshot blast.
- Laboratory equipmentand quality control
- establishment of continuous castingunitin order to produce ingots with a diameter of 250 to 560 mm, with Continuous Casting method to provide the requirements of Looleh Gostar Co. in Esfarayenand Esfarayen industrial complex.
- Establishment of Electro slag
Remelting unit(ESR)for re-melting The finalI NFILTRATION of ingotswith the diameter of 450 to1100 mm
- Establishment of light and heavy heat treatment workshop sincluding furnaces in order toper form annealing and normalheat treatment, ,
stress relieving and necessary equipment for quench and temper and surface hardness

- Establishment oflight and heavy machine workshop including CNC lathes,grinding, drilling, Karosel, cutting, andmilling machines.

With the implementation ofthese projects, Esfarayen industrial complexcan eliminate  the country’s needs to complex components and product and help the

 country’s industry to become independent of foreign producers can and  andtake an important steptowards economic and industrial independency of the coun  also enter Asianand globalmarkets




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