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Welcome to Esfarayen Industrial Complex (E.I.CO)

Esfarayen Industrial Complex (E.I.CO) is the leader of alloy steels producer in the Middle East, delivering distinctive solutions for the most demanding steel applications, such as Oil & Gas, Mining, Tool steels, Ship making, Automotive, Turbine, Rolling mills, Industrial applications and Machinery etc. Our exceptional material advantage, highly skilled employees, customer-focused services and highest obligation to sustainability define the Esfarayen Industrial Complex (E.I.CO) brand. ​​​​


Vision and Values

Our Vision

 Our vision reflects our capabilities and aspirations, and the distinctive properties of the alloyed steel products that we produce. We recognize that our future relies on continually reinforcing the value scheme we offer to our customers and the commitments we have consciously made to ourselves, our environment and the communities in which we function. By producing high value alloyed steel products through hard work and diligence, we are able to make the world better



We work closely with our customers to integrate alloy steels as the material of choice that shapes the design in oil & gas, turbine, rolling mills, railway, mining, steel, ship making, automotive, machinery, tools steel etc industries.

Since 1996, the people of E.IC.O. have united to create innovative solution that moves us forward.

Our Values  

Values explained below, that are matched with those of Industrial Development and Renovation Organization of Iran (IDRO), guide our behavior in support of our mission and strategy. As a responsible company and citizen, we live the following values every day.

By endeavoring to perform in a way that is honest, and accountable, we abide by integrity in our day to day activities. 

Excellence and Innovation
We persistently pursue outstanding products by transforming ideas into high value products.


We do our outmost to work safely, and protect the environment.


We are highly committed in doing whatever we can to deliver value to all customers by taking responsibility for the actions of E.I.CO. team.


We are highly passionate in pursuit of our objective and we feel an energetic sense of engagement which is marked in our desire to improve our performance and make better products.


Who we are

E.I.CO is the leading manufacturer of alloy steel products in the Middle East. Our premium product focus, industry leading innovation, and established manufacturing serve a growing marketplace, while our commitment to environment distinguishes E.I.CO. as a leader of special steels manufacturing in Iran and in the Middle Eastern region



Innovation based on a Customer-focused concept

Our progressive technology and a pledge to process and product innovation adds significant value in important markets, including oil & gas, mining, tool steels, transportation, power generation, naval, industrial products and machinery. Our scientists and technologists work hand in hand with our customers to help make alloy steel parts more efficient


Our history


Esfarayen Industrial Complex's history is a unique one as it originated from the concept of independence in needed steel parts during Iran's post-revolution industrial development. Created in 1990 the company has started its forging/heat treatment operation in 1996. Subsequently, the casting unite was operational in 2005. E.I.CO. is a young, growth-oriented company backed by the know-how obtained from leading manufacturers such as, GFM of Germany, Buhler and INTECO of Austria, Skoda in Czech Republic.

E.I.CO. now after the completion of casting, forging, machining and heat treatment phases is of the main suppliers of alloy steels in Iran and the Middle East region for variety of industries such as Oil & Gas, Mining, Railway, Power generation, tool steels, Naval, etc. Its products have found their ways to Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, and Turkey





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